Friday, 15 July 2016

The ZEN doll!!!

Hard work pays of!!!

Hey, it took me long--- put look at it!!!:-)- it is going in a great direction!!!
I'm so proud of my new collection- coming soon: 100 years of FASHION!!!! love love love!!!! :-*

I will always want you!!!

Lavendel Bags-- 2015!!!

Stencil handmade painted... NEW!!!!
2015 Lavendel Bags are AMAZING! Poetry, Passion, Endless and many others...

Sooo good... Smells like a mix of heaven and my grandmothers garden during Summer!!!!

Animals inside out!!! :-)

Since I remember I really do love animals!!! :-)


Happiness on Market Season!!!

A reminder on last xmas VIENNASTORE order!!! Love love love!!!