Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Meinpuppen... some words by Carlota Corte-Real

This dolls normally have stories. Their own individual created from me in detail. The stories are associated with their names and the explanation comes often under coverd in the details putted in their bodies.
Handmade objects is an art that takes time and for me it works as a sort of meditation. I spend hours and often even days in making this dolls.
More or less evident the dolls are mostly girls. Their stories sift between the ones that died in a lack, pregnant by a cat, with butterflies in the belly cause they are in love, with double personality with hearts in the front and skulls in the back, lesbians, hookers.
And rabbits that did several abortions, with backpacks where they carrie there children. Bears with human organs, blessed by angles. Kitty Kats that are arnarxist punks, pregnant of humans, and many more.

The understanding about the really story of each doll from the people that buy it's not really important to me. The name of the doll will give a suggestion if is from their interest.

Meinpuppen are mostly not for children. Hopefully they wouldn't understand why the dolls look sweet but are not. But they are not dark. They are characters with less happy stories.
Just for some exceptions, requests of close friends for example, meinpuppen were designed happy and full of internal beauty.

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